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The Literary Romance Colouring Book

33 Pages to colour from the works of Austen, Bronte and Gaskell


Inside this book are 33 detailed colouring pages inspired by classic literary romances, including portraits of the main characters and romantic scenes from Sense & Sensibility, Pride & Prejudice, Persuasion, Jane Eyre, Wives & Daughters and North & South. Each scene is accompanied by a quote.


Clancy the Quokka

By Lili Wilkinson, Illustrated by Alison Mutton


Here's Clancy the quokka. So friendly and charming.

His innocent face is entirely disarming.


Clancy the Quokka is super cute, but also has a super cheeky habit of raiding picnic food, so when he spots a magnificent birthday cake, how can he resist? After the mayhem he creates, will Clancy learn his lesson?


A funny and thoroughly entertaining picture book featuring one of Australia's most loved animals.


Aqua Dog

By Lisa Van Der Wielen, Illustrated by Alison Mutton


A charming tale of following your passions, set in the Western Australian Wheatbelt.


Aqua the farm dog really loves to swim,

Sometimes the farmer gets angry at him.

Instead of herding sheep he loves to splash,

diving under the water in a flash.

When the rain falls and the water levels rise,

a lesson is learnt of immeasurable size.

When a flood puts his talents to the text,

is swimming what Aqua Dog does best?


The Little Book of

Silly Rhymes & Odd Verses

By Ian Andrew


An illustrated collection of daft, sometimes sad and occasionally thought provoking verses from the pen of Ian Andrew. Illustrations by Alison Mutton.


This little book of verse and rhyme

Will help you while away the time.

No highbrow poems are tucked away

Just simple odes to cheer your day.

Enjoy them all, the sketches too

A pleasant gift, from me to you.


Feral Fergus

By Sioban Timmer, Illustrated by Alison Mutton


Fergus has a horrid habit that is grossing everyone out. Can he change his feral ways and put his best foot forward?



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