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Alene Art: The Portfolio Website of Perth-based Illustrator Alison Mutton - Illustration for the children's market, book design, help with self-publishing, needle felting and portraiture

The Portfolio website of Australian children's illustrator and designer Alison Mutton

A digital middle-grade fiction book cover illustration featuring two modern children trying to open a locked door in a dark smuggler's tunnel, accompanied by a 17th century ghost

Mariella: Pearls and Passages


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Digital middle-grade style illustration of a female thief being chased through 18th century Venice

Midnight Chase


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A black and white children's illustration suitable for a middle-grade chapter book, featuring a young female pirate who sells her ill-gotten gains in a market stall, her money bag guarded by her pet ferret

Are you looking to buy, or looking for trouble?


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Witch's Companion



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Middle-Grade style digital illustration of a Viking girl baking cakes over an open fire

Baking Cakes


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Black & white children's illustration of two schoolgirls suitable for middle grade chapter books, inspired by Anne Fine's Goggle Eyes.

Goggle Eyes


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Goggle Eyes copyright Anne Fine

Middle-Grade style digital illustration of three girls of different ethnic backgrounds (Chinese, Islamic-Malay & White) going shopping together



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Digital children's illustration of a pink mermaid talking to some goldfish

Meaningful Conversation


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Chapter-book style digital illustration of a young girl meeting a trree kangaroo while exploring a tropical jungle



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Three character designs for victorian street children, in a black and white style suitable for middle grade children's books

Dickensian Characters


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All images copyright Alison Mutton 2017