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Alexander's Day

By Beverley Knezevic


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Australian Wildlife

(Sulfur-Crested Cockatoo, Forty-Spotted Pardalote, Bandicoot & Numbat)


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Chattering Lories


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Digital illustration of two african-american children relaxing in a tropical paradise, scubadiving and fishing amongst vibrant biodiversity

Tropical Island


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Fun cartoon style children's illustration of a redheaded boy having his toenails forcibly cut by his frustrated mother
Fun, cartoon-style children's illustration featuring a redheaded primary school boy dancing across the page, showing off his feet

Feral Fergus


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Feral Fergus, written by Sioban Timmer, Illustrated by Alison Mutton, Published by Jasper Books 2017

Children's illustration of the Little Mermaid visiting the Sea Witch in her deep-sea lair
Children's illustration of the Little Mermaid transforming into a human after drinking the Sea Witch's potion

The Little Mermaid


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An illustration of a happy hippo surrounded by lilypads



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An illustration of a dog pawing its food bowl
Illustration of two large dogs playfully greeting a smaller, uncertain dog
Illustration of a dog and a pink and grey galah greeting each other
Illustration of a dog reluctant to walk in the rain
Illustration of a dog relaxing in a patch of sunlight after ripping up a newspaper
Illustration of a happy dog in a santa hat for Christmas

The Myrna Series


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